Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Evolution fight shaping up in SAD 59

Portland Press Herald, May 11, 2008

(excerpt) The Maine Department of Education disagrees with an Athens school board director who wants School Administrative District 59 to drop evolution from its high school science curricula.

Director Matthew Linkletter argues that evolution is an unprovable theory and shouldn't be taught as fact. He's urged the SAD 59 Board of Directors to consider his view during its May 19 meeting in Madison, with a goal of removing evolution from science classrooms.

But David Connerty-Marin, a spokesperson for the Department of Education, says evolution must be taught because, in the state's view, it's a proven science.

"For our students to be prepared for college work and life in the 21st century, it's necessary," said Connerty-Marin.

Connerty-Marin said the Maine Learning Results program mandates the study of evolution in public science classes.

"Evolution is not just a belief, or based on faith, it's based on scientific evaluation," he said. "The worldwide science community supports it."

Linkletter, the school board director, believes that neither evolution nor creationism belongs in a high school science curriculum, because they cannot be proved.

"You can't show, observe or prove (evolution)," he said.

Asked at random, two parents of Madison Area Memorial High School students expressed some support for Linkletter's position.

SAD 59 includes Madison, Athens, Brighton Plantation and Starks.


Blogger John said...

"The worldwide science community supports evolution." A recent poll revealed that some 90 percent of NAS scientists did not hold a personal belief in God. It is no wonder then that the worldwide scientific community trusts in evolution.

There is a far superior way, if the Main school board members but knew it.


The reason is elementary: the Discovery Institute and other ID proponents leave out the Triune God, Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Hence, Richard Dawkins can make the case for “aliens” seeding the earth.

There is a better, far superior way.

The Quest for Right, a series of 7 textbooks created for the public schools, represents the ultimate marriage between an in-depth knowledge of biblical phenomena and natural and physical sciences. The several volumes have accomplished that which, heretofore, was deemed impossible: to level the playing field between those who desire a return to physical science in the classroom and those who embrace the theory of evolution. The Quest for Right turns the tide by providing an authoritative and enlightening scientific explanation of natural phenomena which will ultimately dethrone the unprofitable Darwinian view.

A review:

"I am amazed at the breadth of the investigation - scientific history, biblical studies, geology, biology, geography, astronomy, chemistry, paleontology, and so forth - and find the style of writing to be quite lucid and aimed clearly at a general, lay audience." ― Mark Roberts, former Editor of Biblical Reference Books, Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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